Nuovi vestiti per le Vip del Grande fratello

A special dinner enriched by Relish clothes and accessories. For the VIPs of the Big Brother house it is time to get ready for Saturday night .. For this edition Relish will be the brand that will create the fashion atmosphere with its glam and sensual clothes that, on several occasions, will be worn by the women of the House during parties and moments of fun.
Grande fratello vip relish
Grande fratello vip relishThis time it is up to Ainett to read the communication from Big Brother: “Dear VIPs, Big Brother officially welcomes the first gala dinner of this edition” and goes on to kick off the big party.
Grande fratello vip relish
Grande fratello vip relishThe music starts and Giucas Casella is ready to make the first toast to this new adventure that unites them. After capturing the attention of each of them he says: "Let's have a toast to Big Brother VIP" and, as a good omen, exclaims "Change! Change! Change! ”, One of his most famous phrases which, in chorus, is repeated by all the competitors.
Grande fratello Vip Relish
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